What Are The Common Types Of Drones Available In The Market?

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Be it for racing or making videos, drones have become increasingly popular these days. These durable aerial devices are good to have for anybody and are able to suitably cater to different needs. The best part is you could find drones of various types. Some of these have really exciting and sophisticated features. Most of the drones you would come across are powered by batteries; there are still others which are powered by other energy sources. The design of the body and the technical characteristics of drones differ across types and variants because each one of them is built keeping a specific idea in the creators mind.

Drones are commonly of various types and the list could go long. Some of the most popular drones are the phantom series especially the phantom 2 vision drones available in the market. In this article we cover some of the popular types of drones you would come across. The list includes quadcopters, RTF, ARF and BTF as well as those designed especially for photography and so on.

Photography drones

While most drones would come with inbuilt cameras, what differentiates a photography drone is that it is designed exclusively with HD camera with protective guards around its lenses to ward off any harm caused by bad weather conditions. There controllers are highly sophisticated to take clear still pictures. One such drone which is not too large is the a good gopro hero 4 black.


These are generally small in size and come with 4 rotors arranged in a square order to provide an equitable distribution of support to its body. Being headless, these drones can be managed easily as it does not always have to point towards any specific direction. Some of the models have inbuilt cameras while others come with a mounting surface to allow you to install a HD camera on your own if there be need. A drawback of this is it cannot sustain to run for more than approximately ten minutes at a stretch.

Gas or Nitro powered drone

As the name suggests, this kind of drone is powered by gas or nitro and therefore can operate for relatively longer period of time. Owing out of its strong built they can fly for longer hours and at greater heights. However, you need to ensure there is enough gas in the tank so that it does not break down in the middle of something.

There are other types of drones, such as racing drones, which feature slim bodies and can travel at nearly 40 to 60 miles an hour and are enabled with quick controllers. Delivery drones are used for transporting materials.