Get Introduced To A Novel Car Competition

Motor vehicle competition can be of different kinds, besides the usual rallies that are held by Formula One and others. If you are into exhilarating competitions of automobiles, you will surely be in for trying new and novel competition events.

What is drag racing?

Though the concept of drag racing is not completely new, it is not something as popular and well known as rally races. Drag races could be of automobile as well as motorcycles. Competitions of the drag racing hot rods kind have cars racing side by side, often in twos. The distances to be covered in such races are short, about one fourth of a mile or half a mile. Vehicles are started off from a dead stop and they accelerate to great speeds within a short time interval. There are traps that define the race track and once all the traps are covered a vehicle is declared the winner. The tracks however extend beyond the defined race course so that there is sufficient space for the vehicles to decelerate back to safe limits.

Know more about the race

Drag races are run in heats where the terms signify a single completed race. In a single event there might be several heats planned. When a driver wins a heat he or she will be able to move to participating in the next heat. By the end of the racing event, the two drivers who have successfully completed the previous heats will be able to compete and gain victory with a hot rod Australia fitted drag vehicle.

Modifications required for the vehicles

Due to the nature of the race, motorcycles and autos that take part in drag racing usually undergo modification. Some vehicles are heavily modified to take part in a drag race. Vehicles are classified as per modifications done. This is to ensure that similarly modified vehicles take part in the same competition. Cars that are built or modified for drag racing usually have nitrous oxide fittings that are supercharged or turbo charged. The bodies of such vehicles are lighter in order to ensure a better ratio of power and weight dimensions. There are several categories of professional drag races, both for motorcycles as well as for cars.
If you wish to get into such a race and need to reach out to modification experts, there are several services who list their presence online. Start off a search for drag race enthusiasts or motor modification experts who lend their services for such professional races. You will find several contact details to get started.